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Since I was just a young little girl I had a passion for animals. From toads, to bunnies, to birds, to ducklings, any animal i found I wanted to nurture and care for. I would bring home stray dogs and cats and when my parents couldn't find me they learned to look for our family dog because I would always be close by.  So from a young age I knew I had a passion for animals and although I love all animals, dogs have always had a special place for me. 

In 2014 I brought home my first Golden Retriever puppy, and although I have had multiple dogs before her and after her, Casey is my heart dog. I owe everything to her as she was the start to my breeding program and has laid the foundation for what my passion in life has become, raising puppies. She has the most lovable personality and I'm so happy that I have been able to put more of her in the world for everyone to enjoy because she really has been the best dog.



Our Mission is to produce the best loving dogs for your family. We evaluate each dog's temperament before breeding to ensure that we are producing the most even tempered, gentle, and laid back dogs for your family.  


Our Program goal is to produce dogs that would be suitable for Therapy dog Training Programs and Hunting Dog Training Programs. We are working on training and titling our current breeding dogs now!

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